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Welcome to John Dill's Kiosk

The Gentleman Pens ($75.00) are a large and hefty pen while the Jr. Gentleman Pens ($60.00) are mid-size.  I am not equipped to handle credit cards and will accept payment by check. I will send your pen by USPS two day priority. All pens come with a free black velvet bag.

All the two piece pens are of the below configuration and appearance. They are roller ball pens and "glide" easily when writing.  All  pens are hand crafted by me of materials I purchase. I hand turn the wood, polish it and assemble the pens.

The metal parts are Gold plated Titanium. I've listed the type of wood where it's known. I inherited some of the wood and in those cases, the species of wood is unknown.

These are great gifts for retirees, departing gifts for transferees etc.

I can also arrange to provide you with a suitably engraved Maple presentation box.  Contact me for details.

I can be contacted via email at jdill4@frontier.com and will be glad to discuss any aspect of the pens.

The below picture displays what the the two piece pens look like when open.

Pictured here below are Gentleman Pens ($75.00).  Each is numbered for descriptive purposes.

#1. Olive ?  #2. Cypress #3. Cherry Burl
#4. Thuya Burl


Gentleman Pens (continued)

#5. Box Elder Burl #6. Amboyna Burl  #7. Maple Burl #8. Thuya Burl
Pictured below are the Jr. Gentleman Pens ($60.00).

#9. Dyed Boxelder Burl / #10. Masur Birch
#11. Dyed Boxelder Burl / #12. Acrylic 
#13. Amboyna Burl  / #14. Dyed Boxelder Burl

Pictured here is a Gentleman Pen in Basswood and Olive wood which is inlaid with the Christian "fish" symbol. This pen, due to the inlay, is priced at $85.00 and the box is $10.00. The lid of the box is also engraved with the fish. Great gift for your pastor.

Pictured below are Slimline twist pens ($25.00). These pens are handcrafted from materials I purchase. I turn the wood on a lathe, shape and polish it and assemble the pens. These are ball point pens, not roller ball pens.

Pens # 15 through 19 are a product called Dymondwood which consists of several layers of various colored wood glued together and cut into pen blanks on the bias. This produces the colorful pens you see.

Pen #20. Cypress

#21. Karri wood #22. Acrylic  #23 Passion-wood #24. Tulip wood #25. Quilted Sapele #26 Maple or Olive (not sure)


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