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Final Departure

My debut novel, Final Departure, is now on sale at Amazon.com in paperback and e-book formats and at Barnes and Noble in paperback. In the coming weeks, it will be available at all major book retailors.

While writing fiction was not an avocation for me, I felt called to chronicle my quest for answers about the Christian faith and the afterlife. The result of my more than seven years of personal research comes in the form of a Christian novel, in which I project some of my career experiences and personal struggles on to the protagonist, Dan Lucas, NCIS retired. Although the book is fiction, the heart of the story is an updated overview of Christian defense material presented by Dan from a 21st-century supernatural world view.

The story is centered in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport where Dan Lucas lands after an overseas trip, only to be stranded by a massive winter storm. Dan quickly becomes entangled with a fellow passenger—an atheist college professor—who challenges Dan’s budding but unsteady Christian faith. Throughout a trying night of crises, Dan and Ben Chernick delve into the deeply personal failings of their pasts. From politics to national security to their personal morality, both men confess and defend their innermost beliefs.

Their night ends with a tragic series of events that change the men forever.

Final Departure takes the reader on a twisting trail of examining the Christian faith. The seasoned national security expert asks: Is the Bible really true? What proof is there that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth in human form? Why is faith receding in America? How has modern science actually helped make the case for a creator?

I recommend the book for late teens and adults of all ages because of the mature subject matter.

I realize that faith is a deeply personal matter. My goal is to present the findings of subject matter experts in an entertaining, down-to-earth way that allows readers to judge for themselves. The book should be of interest to my fellow agents, active and retired, as well as all law enforcement, 

For more information, see my website at www.jeffwaltonbooks.com or visit me on Facebook. You may email me at jeffwaltonbooks@gmail.com.

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