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Welcome to Dr. Rhondra O. Willis Kiosk "

Dr. Rhondra O. Willis has established a dynamic career that spans the fields of criminal justice, research, and education over the past twenty years. Prior to her tenure with the government, Dr. Willis enjoyed a significant career as a research consultant, having provided direction on several influential research projects with such institutions as the University of South Carolina, the Medical University of South Carolina and the Office of Women's Health. The studies she coordinated included but were not limited to dating violence prevention, HIV intervention, and highway infrastructure needs assessments.

Waiting for the Sun to Rise - $13.68
Waiting for the Sun to Rise a book that provides comfort and wisdom in those mornings before the sun rises - often the darkest time is before sunrise. The sunrise is symbolic for the awakening and a new beginning in our lives.


I Always Eat My Dessert First Seven Days of Encouragement, Affirmation, and Reflection - $10.00
This devotional is designed to help you examine your walk with God and grow closer to Him. The text walks you through the process of confronting yourself and then coming full circle to healing.


Changing the Game: What You are Doing Doesn't Work Anymore - $10.00
Changing the Game is about challenges and triumph in an uncertain environment. Dr. Willis offers insights and strategies from a personal perspective to encourage, empower, and equip you to excel and propel you into the next level. If you find yourself wondering what went wrong, this pocket book is for you!

More details coming soon on her new book "On Her Own Terms"

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